How soon do I need to make a custom design reservation?Return to Top

As soon as possible... Our staff receives reservations starting as early as January. Though we do not have a deadline for reservations we recommend making your reservation by April to guarantee a spot. *We can accommodate late reservations however, usually with a small upcharge of services.

What do I need to submit to make a design reservation?Return to Top

To reserve your spot in our design lineup you need to submit a deposit(based on the services needed) and a show profile(which includes all the information we require about your program)


If I don't know the exact instrumentation, can I still make a reservation?Return to Top

Yes, the reservation simply guarantees your spot. Instrumentation and music can be decided upon at a later date.

Do you offer any discounts when ordering more than one show element?Return to Top

Yes, as you add more show elements(ex. drill, wind parts, percussion parts, guard work) you will save more. On average the most you can save is 15%.

What comes with a design service?Return to Top

Drill Design

  • Colored drill staff binders
  • 1 B&W drill to copy for students
  • Coordinate sheets
  • Mini-drill for use in dot books
  • Video Animation of drill

Music/Percussion Arranging

  • Score
  • Individual parts
  • midi recording of your music

Guard Design

  • Dvd step by step guard work
  • Suggestions for flag and costume design

What are your consultant prices based on?Return to Top

Our consultant prices are based on the experience in both performance and education of the selected consultant. *We do have consultants however that can meet your needs if you are in the building stages of a program.

How much does a custom arrangement or drill design cost?Return to Top

There are several factors that need to be considered when pricing design services. Most arranging services range from approximately $600 to $1,500 depending on the complexity of the arrangement. Drill design cost is based on member size and complexity of drill. Festival bands tend to pay less than $1000 while a competitive band can be $1,200 for a small band up to several thousand for a larger band. Feel free to contact us for a more accurate quote.