Our Services

Drill Design Arrangements Colorguard Consultation Leadership Training

We custom design each service to meet the level and specifications of your program. Each package is tailored to maximize effect and co-exist seamlessly with the musical program. All drill is designed using Pyware Drill Writing software.

When designing we consider many key aspects which include :

  • Musical Selections
  • Major music effect moments
  • Guard staging/transitions
  • Level of ensemble
  • Props
  • Marching Technique

Drill Design

Your completed package will include:

  • Colored drill (pre-made staff binders optional)
  • 1 B&W drill to copy for students
  • Coordinate sheets
  • Mini-drill for use in dot books
  • Video Animation of drill


Wind Arrangements


Percussion Arrangements(Battery or Pit)

Your completed wind or percussion arrangement will include

  • Conductor's score
  • Individual parts
  • Audio recording of winds & percussion
  • Audio recording of percussion



Colorguard Design will include

  • Dvd of color guard program.
  • Silk and uniform design(optional)



A majority of our designers are available for consultation. We can help you throughout every stage of show design.

  • Beginning /Conceptualizaton
  • Intermediate /Teaching
  • Advanced /Refining and maximizing effect


Leadership Training

The key to every great program is strong leadership.

We can hold a leadership training seminar at your school. Usually a 3 day after-school seminar, students can learn:

  • Conducting
  • Showmanship/Salutes
  • Commands
  • Teaching
  • Marching Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Leading

*We can even hold your seminar before the leadership is chosen! Some schools prefer to hold a leadership training seminar then follow it with leadership auditions. Our staff can assist you during these auditions so that you can select the best student leaders for your group.